Charity Auction

Dragon Bar

1st September 2015

71 George Street
Hastings TN34 3EE
(01424) 423688

Auction Date Tuesday, September 1, 2015 @ 20:00 Hours

How To Make A Bid

1) The best way to guarantee that you can successfully bid is to turn up on the evening of Tuesday 1st September and make a bid in person. 

2) If you are unable to attend you can make an online bid by registering and then submitting your bid for the piece of art that you are interested in - like a Dutch auction . You can do that on the relevant detail page for the item.

If your bid is in the top 3 for that particular item of art we will contact you between 5pm and 6pm on the day of the auction to confirm your bid amount.

If you still wish to proceed we will require your Credit or Debit card details and pre-authorise your payment details up to your maximum bid. Should you be successful in the auction we will contact you and process the payment for your winning bid at the next highest increment from the second place bid. For example if your maximum bid is £80 and the second place bid was £60 then your winning bid will be £70.

No money will be debited from any cards unless you are the auction winner. There will also be a charge for postage and packing and that will be arranged with you.

Register To Bid

Please enter all your details below and once registered you can place an online bid for any piece of art that you are interested in. Note: We will need a Phone number we can contact you on between 5-6pm on the day of the auction